Preceding Works:

Al-Salah Bureau for Engineering Consultancies within the last 15 years had execute many of Designs, Supervisions and Studies for a number of projects, among them:

A. Execution of design and management project works for many projects in Al-Karrada, Al-Mansour and Zayona. Our work was distinguished by the contemporary designs, precisions of construction and assurance of high quality.

B. The preparations of Designs and Supervision works for a number of multistory buildings and markets in Baghdad ( commercial market in east of Baghdad, Industrial market for Jisir Dyala region, Al-Kasir Al-Abyadh in Al-Karrada region, Al-Mustanseriya market ).

C. Design preparations and management for execution of five water system projects in Baghdad (Complex Units), 1998.

D. Design and supervision for cooling warehouses in Al-Mahmodya and Al-Latefiya region.

E. Design, soil investigations and supervision for a fuel station in Al-Diwanya.

F. Preparing monitoring systems for an Al-Rasheed Military Hospital.

G. Monitoring and cost analysis for a number of confidential projects in Baghdad.

H. Preparation of development studies for Al-Rumetha Water supply project in Al-Muthana Governorate.

I. Design and Documents preparation for Brick factories and Housing projects in Al-Nasirya and Al-Kut Governorates.

J. Supervision and cost control work for a five story hotel in Karbala' Governorate.

Recent Works:

1. Al-Salah Bureau presently working in preparations of systems and programs for managing and controlling construction with drawings reviewing and cost analysis for a foreigner construction company for infrastructure projects in south of Baghdad.

2. Preparation of drawings and tables, activities pricing, reports, Bar and Gantt charts, project node activities for a housing project construction in east of Baghdad for the account of Al Shahba’ Company for Housing Contracting Projects.

3. Preparations of progress reports and cost control, quality control systems with supervision for ten school buildings in Baghdad ( Al-Kadhimya, Al-Nahdha, Al-Dora and Al-Baya') for the account of the ministry of education.