Projects 2016-2017

Our consultation office, in 2016-2017 has been responsible for providing exclusive consultation services to the governorates reconstruction plan affected by terrorist operations and from these governorates (Diyala, Kirkuk, Ninewah, Anabar, Salahueddin, North of Babylon, Baghdad belt).
These consultancy services were provided under contracts with the general secretariat of the Iraqi council of ministers represented by the found for the reconstruction of areas affected by terrorist operations. During the years 2016-2017 our office has carried out a number of consultation and supervisory services including:
1- Completion of the integrated technical studies for the rehabilitation works, maintenance and restoration of 40 different - sized schools, distributed to the governorates of Ninewah, Diyala and Babel.

2- Preparation-comprehensive technical studies for all civil engineering, electrical and sanitary works as well as the needed requirements for the standard required for the rehabilitation of health centers in Diyala governorate.

In the field of public hospitals, our consultation office completed the integrated technical study.
On the other hand, our office started the work of preparing technical studies estimating the costs for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the following hospitals:

a- Tikrit General Hospital
b- Ramadi Hospital
c- Women and children Hospital in Ramadi

3- Our office had a clear role in the preparation of technical studies in the in frastructure projects in Babel, Anbar and Abu-Ghraib. The projects were completed as follows:

a- Technical studies for the maintenance of the water project of Ramadi.
b- The integrated technical studies for the maintenance of the sewage system of the city of Ramadi
c- The integrated technical studies for the maintenance of Abu-Ghrib district water complexes
d- The technical studies for the maintenance project of sudet-Nuema of Nazem division in Falluja