About US

AL-SALAH Consultancy Bureau was established in 1992 by a group of a high experienced engineers and managerial professionals who have dedicated their skills and resources towards the service of the local.

Professional and technical expertise covers diverse engineering aspects. It provides comprehensive and integrated consulting engineering services in planning, feasibility studies, project design, on-site supervision, market research, and construction management.

Through our engineering, construction, consultation, and related activities In Iraq, we are challenging the frontiers of knowledge to provide (energy, water) information, and other vital infrastructure for better Country livings.

Consultancy Profile:

From our initial risk or threat assessment, through a project design process, to our close protection services, we provide a security solution package that encompasses all aspects of our clients’ requirements.

There is no substitute for experience. we support a wide range of clients, such as Municipalities ,Customs, oil and gas companies, Embassies, Law Enforcement, the Military, financial institutions, cargo organizations and construction companies, to name but a few.

We have a reputation for:
• Quality
• Timeliness
• Cost-effective construction

We provide two basic construction delivery systems:

1. Construction as a general contractor.
2. Construction management

Organization chart for Al-Salah Barue: