Scope OF Services

Al-Salah Consultancy Bureau provides a wide range of services from planning and development, design, supervision, consultancy, to construction management. All is given with style and extreme care of our clients needs. These services include:-

1- Consulting:

• Feasibility Studies for technical purposes.
• Pre-Contract design.
• Construction drawings preparation: Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical.
• Preparation of Documentation: Pre-qualification tender.
• Contract and offer evaluation and reports.
• Monitoring Progress and progress reports.
• Full supervision of projects.
• Finalization of as built drawings for records and maintenance. 

2-Architectural Engineering Design: 

• Presentation of design briefs and reports.
• Site surveys and appraisal of existing structures and facilities.
• Final design and report.
• Handling governmental procedures and regulations

3-Civil& Structural Engineering:

Since 1992, Al-Salah Consultancy Bureau offers the full spectrum facility maintenance, rehabilitation, and upgrade including work on structures, major equipment, and auxiliary systems. Project expertise encompasses the full range of engineering services including:

• Technical evaluations and analysis.
• Preliminary and final design preparation.
• Testing.
• Planning studies.
• Design.
• Program management.
• Turnkey engineering.
• Procurement.
• Construction.
• Construction support.
• Site Investigation.
• Structural Analysis including 3D analysis.
• Building design in reinforced concrete and structural steel head to bottom including earthquake design.
• Planning, development, design, and supervision of the structure from A to Z.
• Construction management concepts are usually applied where large projects are involved; the company takes pride in its CM programs.
This service is offered and provided upon request.

4- Water and Wastewater Treatment:

Al-Salah Consultancy Bureau has designed, constructed, operated, and maintained water treatment facilities throughout Iraq, particularly in the Baghdad, Al-Anbar, Messan and Bassrah Governorates, Our work includes: 

• Water and wastewater treatment plants
• Pump stations
• Water mains
• Piping
• Desalination plants

In Baghdad, Our staff recently completes the full engineering design and construction for the Baghdad Municipality for Potable Water and Sanitary Drainage. The major upgrades included:
• Seven potable water treatment plants.
• Maintenance of wastewater treatment plants.
• More than Sixteen primary pump stations.
• More than100 Km. of water mains ranging from 100 mm to 1000mm in diameter.
• We are currently constructing steaday wastewater collection and treatment systems for the same client.
• In addition, we performed engineering design and maintenance in:
• Treatment plants.
• Primary and secondary pumping stations.
• Flow and monitoring stations.

5- Storage & Conveyance:

AL-SALAH Consultancy Bureau provides services for development water supply and conveyance facilities, including: preliminary and final design as well as engineering support during construction:
• Dams.
• Tunnels.
• Pipelines.
• Pump stations.
• Flood control and irrigation facilities.
• Navigation locks.
• Tunnel Inlet/outlet tower Saddle dam. 

6- Mechanical Engineering:

• Design and supervision of plant projects, boiler plants, and auxiliaries.
• Integrated design of HVAC services.
• Design of piped services.
• Design and supervision of mechanical handling facilities. 

7-Electrical Engineering:

• Design and supervision of house power works.
• Planning and development, design and supervision of power works
and distribution.
• Studies and surveys of existing electrical and telecom systems.
• Design of power stations and generating plants.
• Provision of plant services and systems control..

8-Environmental Engineering:

Environmental Regulation in the Industrial Sector is progressively internalizing the cost of environmental pollution control and rational use of resources. This will exert further pressure on the economic feasibility (cost/benefit ratio) of industrial activity which, in turn, will determine the relative position of the industry; it’s share of market and it’s accessibility to natural resources. All these considerations call for strategic response on the behalf of industry, where planning tools and technological solutions have to be efficiently and effectively utilized in enhancing the industry’s economic and environmental status. 

9-Industrial Waste:

• Food Processing:
- Solid matter.
- Organic matter.
- Oil and grease
• Chemical Manufacturing:
- Hydrocarbons.
- Acids / Bases.
- Metal oxides.
- Organic solvents.
- Heavy metals.
• Clothing & Textiles:
- Detergents.
- Dye compounds.
- Particulate matter.
- Bleach.

10-Interior Design & Furnishing:

This service is included with the architectural design but is also provided as a separate service whenever required.

11- 3d Modeling & Animation:

All projects are presented with a 3D perspective which gives the client a clear picture of the project outcome. This service includes an animated view of the project covering all angles, along a walk through animation of the project when ever requested. 3D modeling and animation is also provided as an independent service if requested.